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Reforming Pedagogy in China from Kindergarten to College (faculties from Shanxi Normal University, China)
Friday, April 12, 2019, 12:00pm
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Roles of Preschool Teachers in the Activity of Children as Researchers (Xi Xiaoli, Early Childhood Education Department, Shanxi Normal University)

What is the role of teachers in implementing "Children as Researchers" in kindergarten? In this presentation, I draw on observations of children-as-researcher activities in kindergartens in Shanxi Province, China. The study finds that, vertically, the teachers’ roles in the activity of "children as researchers" experienced five stages: comprehension stage, exploration stage, reflection stage, adaptation stage and integration stage. Horizontally, the teacher's role in children-as-researcher activities can be divided into three groups: the role in concept, the role in practice and the role in reflection.

Knowledge Generation in History in Higher Education (Fan Baiyu, History Department, Shanxi Normal University)

Knowledge generation is an important characteristic of inquiry learning which emphasizes the generative nature of knowledge. It refers to the new meaning system produced by established knowledge after the inquiry learning process. It witnesses the variable attributes of established knowledge, clarifies the generated content, and discusses the method for the established knowledge to be studied and processed. In history education at the university level, the cultivation of historical thinking is the main point of generative teaching.

Don’t bother me, I’m busy! Opinions on the current situation of higher education in China (Yin Huan, Biology Department, Shanxi Normal University)

A series of reforms in higher education are being implemented in China. What kind of talent should be developed and how it should be developed are always great challenges to educators. The basic goal of university education is to cultivate graduates suitable for social needs. Creativity, cooperation and practical ability are widely required. However, the cultivation process is an extremely complex project. The core of educational reform is students and teachers. Teachers should change their role in teaching and students need to change their methods of learning. This presentation will discuss the degree to which reforms to teaching and learning in university science education in Shanxi Province have been successful.

How to make your lecture video effective? Evidence from Several Experimental Studies (Wang Cunyou, School of Communication, Shanxi Normal University)

Teachers are creating more and more lecture videos and publishing them online to facilitate student self–learning. However, a lecture video will not inherently promote student to learn better, unless it is designed scientifically based on theory of learning science, such as cognitive theory of multimedia learning (Mayer, 2009), and cognitive load theory (Sweller, 1985). In this presentation, I will introduce three experimental researches about how to design lecture video that could benefit students to learn more. The first experiment focused on the design of subtitles in lecture videos, and concluded that lecture videos with partial subtitles, compared to full subtitles or no subtitle, could benefit students to learn best. The second experiment focused on the techniques to create lecture videos, one was to create a screen captured video, and the other was to create a video in a TV studio, the latter cost much more than the former. The research found that there was no difference after students learned from either one or the other, comparing the learning performance and learning experience. The third experiment focused on the function of mouse cue in a screen captured video, which taught students to create PowerPoint presentations. Two types of mouse cue were designed, one is normal and the other was highlighted, which makes the cue much more attractive for users. The results showed that there was no difference whether the mouse was normal or highlighted. However, the experiment did find that working memory has a great impact on the learning performance, where students with higher capacity of working memory would learn much better than the lower ones. Implications about how to create a useful lecture video will also be discussed at the end.

On English Education in China (Kong Rui, English Department, Shanxi Normal University)

Given the global context, English education in China is experiencing historical opportunities for development. This presentation will describe the existing variety of English programs that are experiencing popularity in China including university English programs, business English programs and translation programs and the gap that still exists in the provision of English education in China. A wide variety of English programs with improved curricula are needed in order to develop human resources with capacity in English with elite, general, inter-disciplinary, practical and innovative orientations. The programs need to take into consideration the distinct features of different universities and the basic requirements of the new national standards.

Location  Confucius Institute Conference Room, 24 College Ave.