China Classroom initiative is established to take advantage of the incredible China expertise in our area, specifically for the classroom setting. A faculty member teaching a course invites a local China scholar to talk to their class as a way to enhance the learning experience of the students in that class. Anybody not enrolled in that class but is interested in attending the talk should contact the faculty member in charge.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

15 Apr 2024
04:00PM -
Experiencing China's Energy Transition with Jia Zhangke's Miner Characters (Xingming Wang, Rutgers University)
08 Apr 2024
04:00PM -
Ecological States: Politics of Science and Nature in Urbanizing China (Jesse Rodenbiker, Rutgers)
04 Mar 2024
02:30PM -
An Archaeological Approach to Collaboration and Competition in Hunter Gatherer Societies: Chinese Sites (Ilaria Patania, Rutgers University)
26 Feb 2024
04:00PM - 05:00PM
Spatiocide as Spectacle: The Symbolic Violence of Development in Xinjiang (Lauren Restrepo, Bryn Mawr College)
19 Apr 2023
04:00PM - 05:00PM
Queer Moralities of Exchange: Sex, Money and Social Worth in Digital China (Yifeng Cai, Brown University)
18 Apr 2023
04:00PM - 05:00PM
Floating Population from Africa: Black Experience and Anti-Black Racism in China (Guangzhi Huang, Thomas Jefferson University)
04 Apr 2023
04:00PM - 05:30PM
A Eulogy for Scallion: Food Shortage and its Parodies during the Shanghai Covid Lockdown (Minhua Ling, Institute for Advanced Study)
30 Mar 2023
05:40PM - 07:00PM
Villages-in-the-City of the Pearl River Delta: An Unfinished Modernity (Zheng LIN, Sun Yat-sen University/Harvard Fairbank Center)
07 Mar 2023
04:00PM - 05:00PM
Listing Chinese Buddhist Mountain Tourism Companies on the Stock Market: Investing Karma (Kin Cheung, Moravian University)
14 Feb 2023
04:00PM - 05:10PM
Sources of Revolutionary Energy: Body Politics in the Socialist Representation of Coal Mines (Xingming Wang, Rutgers Comparative Literature)
29 Sep 2022
02:30PM - 03:20PM
Sandwiched Grandparents and Health in China (Hongwei Xu, Queens College, CUNY)
29 Mar 2022
04:00PM -
Chinese Women Doing Zhongxing: Strategic Resistance against Gender Binaries (Eva Li, Lancaster University, UK)
08 Mar 2022
04:00PM -
China’s New Generation of Philanthropic Changemakers (创变者) (Lissa Crane, Rutgers Anthropology)
01 Mar 2022
04:00PM -
Place Identity, Urban Tibetans, and Social Entrepreneurship: Translocalism as Development (Eveline Washul & Ethan Goldings)
15 Feb 2022
12:10PM - 03:30PM
The Drama of Beijing Opera's Percussion Accompaniment (Po-wei Weng)
08 Nov 2021
11:00AM - 12:20PM
Population Aging and its Political Impact in East Asia (Yesola Kweon, Utah State University)
20 Apr 2021
04:00PM -
Mobility, Responsibility, and the Covid-19 Pandemic in China (Juan ZHANG, University of Bristol, UK)
13 Apr 2021
04:00PM -
China’s Trade Union and Labor Movement (Mingwei Liu, School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers)
23 Mar 2021
04:00PM -
Translating Psychology: Group Relations Work and Psychoanalysis in Contemporary China (Nick Bartlett, Barnard College)
09 Mar 2021
04:00PM -
Philanthropy as Traditional Chinese Culture (Lissa Crane, Dept of Anthropology, Rutgers)
23 Feb 2021
04:00PM -
Conservation in Tibetan Areas of the PRC (Ethan Goldings, Independent Scholar)
17 Feb 2021
04:30PM -
Policing and Precarity of Shanghai Gay Men (Yifeng Troy Cai, Brown University)
11 Nov 2020
02:15PM - 04:00PM
Contested Moralities in China’s App-Based Gay Sexual Economy (Yifeng Troy Cai, Brown University)
22 Apr 2020
09:30AM - 12:20PM
Cosmopolitanism and Music (Brigid Cohen, New York University) canceled
14 Apr 2020
04:00PM - 05:15PM
Claiming Land, Ecology, and Shelter: Indigenous Struggles against Displacement in Contemporary Taipei (Tomonori Sugimoto, Yale University) online
08 Apr 2020
09:30AM - 12:20PM
Transnational Perspective of American Music (Glenda Goodman, University of Pennsylvania) canceled
24 Mar 2020
04:00PM - 05:15PM
Cultural Dimensions of Conservation NGOs in Tibetan Areas of the PRC (Ethan Goldings, independent scholar) online
10 Mar 2020
04:00PM - 05:15PM
China’s New Philanthropy: A New Form of Revolution? (Elizabeth Crane, PhD candidate, Rutgers Anthropology)
04 Mar 2020
02:15PM - 03:55PM
Rural Reform and Land Policy in Post-Mao China (Meina Cai, University of Connecticut)
27 Feb 2020
07:45PM - 09:30PM
Film Screening: "The World" (世界)
11 Feb 2020
04:00PM -
Nature, Development and the State (Jesse Rodenbiker, Cornell University)