China Lunch Hour is a space where China scholars (including faculty, visiting scholars, and advanced doctoral students) from Rutgers and nearby universities can come together to share their ongoing research. Every month there is a speaker followed by discussion. Lunch is provided! We are always looking for presenters. Please contact Tanja Sargent (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Xian HUANG (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in presenting your work.

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Past Events

27 Oct 2023
12:00PM - 01:30PM
Ecological States: A Book Forum
11 Oct 2023
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Rejuvenating Communism: Youth Organizations and Elite Renewal in Post-Mao China (Jérôme Doyon, Centre for International Relations, France)
09 Oct 2023
12:30PM - 01:30PM
Law & Political Economy in China's New Era (Tami Groswald Ozery, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) (cancelled)
22 Sep 2023
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Unleashing the Power of Industrial Robotics on Firm Productivity: Evidence from China (Yanhong Jin, Rutgers)
24 Mar 2023
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Mindfulness and Self-Achievement in the Life Course Perspective (Chien-Chung Huang, Rutgers School of Social Work)
09 Dec 2022
12:00PM - 01:30PM
Inscribing Death: Burials, Representations, and Remembrance in Tang China (Jessey Choo, Rutgers University)
04 Feb 2022
12:00PM - 01:00PM
From Leitmotif to Film Noir: China's Rust Belt on the Silver Screen (Dorothee Hou, Moravian University)
03 Dec 2021
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Not just a metaphor: Military imagery for COVID-19 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and beyond (Eva Li, Lancaster University, UK)
01 Oct 2021
01:00PM - 02:00PM
Confucian Leadership Democracy for East Asia (Yutang Jin, Princeton University)
30 Mar 2021
01:00PM -
Why are fewer young adults having casual sex? (Lei Lei, Sociology, Rutgers)
10 Feb 2021
01:00PM -
Chinese theater and Bohemian Culture in San Francisco, 1872-1889 (Nancy Yunhwa Rao, Music, Rutgers)
18 Nov 2020
01:00PM -
Translating Tianxia: Confronting Sinophobic Narratives and Reimagining Cosmopolitan Ideals (Joseph Harroff, Religion, Rutgers)
30 Oct 2020
01:00PM -
Beaconism and the Trumpian Metamorphosis of Chinese Liberal Intellectuals (Yao LIN, Yale Law School)
17 Sep 2020
01:00PM -
Social Protection under Authoritarianism: Health Politics and Policy in China (Xian HUANG, Political Science, Rutgers)
10 Apr 2020
12:00PM -
Why did Modernist Writers in China become Antiquarian Collectors? (Guangchen Chen, Princeton University) canceled
19 Feb 2020
01:00PM -
Cultural Revolution and Cultural History: High Maoism and Uyghur Perceptions of the Past (Joshua Freeman, Princeton University)
15 Nov 2019
12:00PM -
Keywords for Media, Technology and Popular Culture
16 Oct 2019
12:00PM -
Impact of Health Insurance Integration on Health Care in Rural China (Bingxiao Wu, Economics, Rutgers)
20 Sep 2019
12:00PM -
Peace in the Shadow of Unrest: Medical Disturbance and State Response in China (Xian HUANG, Political Science, Rutgers)
26 Apr 2019
12:00PM -
The Gains and Losses of Imperial Censors'  Anti-corruption in Ming Dynasty (Cai Minglun, Hubei Normal University, China)
19 Apr 2019
12:30PM -
Keywords for Chinese Gender and Sexuality
12 Apr 2019
12:00PM -
Reforming Pedagogy in China from Kindergarten to College (faculties from Shanxi Normal University, China)
29 Mar 2019
12:00PM -
Time and Landscape at the Beginning of Chinese Writing (Kuang Yu Chen, Chemistry and Chemical Biology & East Asian Studies, Rutgers)
08 Feb 2019
12:00PM - 01:30PM
The Clash of Capitalisms? Chinese Companies in the United States (Ji LI, Rutgers Law School)
18 Oct 2018
01:00PM - 02:30PM
Charlotte Bunch and Wenqing Kang in conversation on Lesbian/Gay Politics: China and the Globe
12 Oct 2018
12:00PM - 01:00PM
Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status and Children's Education, Health, and Attitude in China (Lei LEI, Sociology, Rutgers)
06 Apr 2018
12:30PM - 01:30PM
Student-Centered Teaching with Chinese Characteristics (Tanja Sargent, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers)
19 Mar 2018
12:00PM -
Keywords for Chinese Gender and Sexuality: A Forum
01 Dec 2017
12:30PM -
Regulatory Fiction and the Sanctuary of the Collective: Land Expropriation in Peri-Urban Guangzhou
08 Nov 2017
12:00PM -
The Social Lives of Keywords: A Roundtable
06 Oct 2017
12:00PM -
Reforms to Teaching and Learning at a Teachers’ University in China