From Tao YANG, East Asian Librarian:

Rutgers has acquired university-wide access to the Chinese National Social Sciences Database. Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the National Social Sciences Database provides about 10 million full-text articles from over 2,000 social sciences and humanities journals.

The majority of the articles are in the fields of Economics and Management, Politics and Law, Sociology, Philosophy and Religion, Languages and Literatures, Art, and History. It also includes articles on the topics in health sciences, agriculture, and environmental sciences, as well as other science and technology fields. This resource complements the CNKI China Academic Journals database the Libraries have been subscribing to. 

If you are using computers on campus network, you can go to

You will see "Nihao (hello), Rutgers University" on the upper left hand corner, which indicates the availability of institutional access. You can then use the search box on the website to search articles, journals, authors, or institutional affiliations of authors. The speed is sometimes slow, but in all cases I am able to view the full text articles and download them in PDF format. 

In addition, if you'd like to access the resource off campus, you can use Rutgers VPN: