Kuang Yu Chen, distinguished professor (emeritus) of chemistry and Asian studies, was invited as one of the keynote speakers in an international conference at Anyang, the last capital of Shang Dynasty (1600-1146 BCE), as part of celebration of the 120th anniversary of the discovery of Shang oracle bone inscriptions (OBI) in October 2019.


Click here for the program of the Anyang conference. In November 2019, Chen gave a talk at Renwen Society, China Institute, New York City, on the pivotal role of oracle bone inscriptions in constructing the Shang history in Chinese Civilization. It was followed by an interview with Beijing Review 北京周報. His book  商代甲骨中英讀本 (Readings of Shang Inscription) was published by 上海人民出版社 Shanghai People's Publishing House. The English version of the book  will be published by Springer Publishers this year and the French version will be published by L'Asiatheque Publishing in Paris.  In collaboration with Dietrich Tschanz and Ching-I Tu, Kuang Yu Chen also published a conference volume entitled Dialogue of Four Pristine Writing Systems at the end of 2019. The book represents a unique collection of papers from fourteen scholars in areas of Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian, Mayan, and Shang OBI.