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HYWelcome to Rutgers Center for Chinese Studies (RCCS)! The main mission of RCCS is to sponsor, coordinate, and promote all China-related academic activities at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. The center is a major source for scholars and the public to acquire a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of China, both historical and contemporary. Rutgers has a large group of active scholars in various areas of Chinese Studies across a wide range of academic disciplines, including anthropology, business, cinema, economics, education, environmental and biological sciences, history, language, labor and management, literature, medicine, political science, religion, social works, sociology, urban studies and others. We would love to hear from you for suggestions, stories, or contributions.

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歡迎訪問羅格斯大學中國研究中心 (RCCS)!羅格斯大學從事中國研究的專家學者陣容強大,RCCS正是這裡中國研究的學者之家。本中心是一個跨科系的研究機構,著力於組織、協調、推動校內所有有關中國問題的學術活動。歡迎大家參與中心的活動。