From Rick Lee (Director of Global Programs and Partnerships at Rutgers Global):

Rutgers Global is pleased to announce the 2021 Rutgers Global Grants. These modest seed grants are offered yearly to all tenured, tenure-track, clinical, or NTT faculty with Rutgers appointments. This year, there are four categories of grants: International Collaborative Research Grants, Global Health Seed Grants, Global Environmental Change Grants, and Virtual Exchange Course Development Grants.

International Collaborative Research Grants

Deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021

The International Collaborative Research Grants support international research, projects, and programs initiated by faculty with scholars around the world. The aim is to promote collaborative and inter-institutional research and scholarship with existing or new international partners. Approximately ten proposals will be awarded up to $8,000 each.

Global Health Seed Grants

Deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021

Administered by the Rutgers Global Health Institute, the Global Health Seed Grants are awarded to faculty conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary activities that address health inequities in New Jersey and around the world. With these grants, the Rutgers Global Health Institute aims to help faculty pursue new ideas and seed expanded research and funding. Five projects will be awarded up to $10,000 each in either of the following two categories: (1) Education, Training, and Capacity Building or (2) Research. These projects must involve partnerships that directly impact the community experiencing inequity. Awarded projects can take place over a one- or two-year time period.

Global Environmental Change Grants

Deadline: Friday, Friday, March 19, 2021

Offered in partnership between Rutgers Global, the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS), and the Rutgers Climate Institute (RCI), the Global Environmental Change Grants aim to leverage and enhance Rutgers’ global presence and cross-disciplinary expertise to advance the understanding and/or governance of global environmental change. These projects can include collaborative, interdisciplinary research, institutional development, and/or other capacity-building projects. Approximately seven proposals will be awarded up to $15,000 each. Funds will be available for a one- or two-year time period, as requested by the applicant(s) in the proposal.

Virtual Exchange Course Development Grants (*NEW*)

Deadline: Friday, March 19, 2021

A signature initiative of Global Collaborative Education Lab (GCEL), the Virtual Exchange Course Development Grants support faculty interested in developing undergraduate courses with an international partner that incorporate virtual exchange or collaborative online international learning (COIL) to connect students to work on collaborative projects. These courses include project and problem-based assignments and activities that provide undergraduate students with a variety of global engagement learning opportunities that do not require international travel. In addition to funding, faculty will also receive support in course design and in identifying potential international partners. Approximately ten proposals will be awarded $2,500 each.



All tenured, tenure-track, clinical, or NTT faculty with Rutgers appointments—and who do not have current Rutgers Global Grants—are eligible to apply. (NTT faculty will need to provide a letter from their Dean, Chair, or Director stating support for the proposal, and that it is expected that the applicant is in a position which will be renewed for the duration of the grant period.)


Questions may be directed to Dr. Rick H. Lee, Director of Global Programs and Partnerships, Rutgers Global, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..