Ann A. Pang-White (University of Scranton), an active participant in the RCCS online events, just published a new book, Readings in Chinese Women’s Philosophical and Feminist Thought: From the Late 13th to Early 21st Century (Bloomsbury, Dec. 2022). From the publisher's website:

Readings in Chinese Women's Philosophical and Feminist Thought gathers 40 original writings on women by 32 authors (many of whom are women) from the Yuan dynasty to the Republics, an important 700-year historical period during which women's learning in China blossomed as a result of economic prosperity, the development of commercial printing, and the interaction between East and West.
Selections are made not only from canonical texts on women's virtues, but also from less orthodox literary works such as plays, poetry, novels, essays, and revolutionary writings that illuminate the lived experience of women and the perception of gender. With many texts translated into English for the first time, this reader provides the context needed to understand them. It features:
- Chronologically organized readings in the sequence of the Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties, and the Republics to demonstrate historical progression of thought (or the lack of)
- Introductions to each section and chapter covering essential information about the authors and the cultural, historical, and philosophical background to their work
- A chronology of dynasties, Republics, key events, and a map
Recovering discourse so often neglected in discussion of Chinese thought, this is the first collection to pay special attention to women-authored works from the late 13th to the early 21st century. By bringing these readings together in a single volume, it juxtaposes and compares female and male perspectives from the same time and creates a new narrative of Chinese philosophical thought.